Retirement Transitions

Now that retirement is close at hand, you have some decisions to make on how you want to live the rest of your life. You've spent your life accumulating assets and now you must use them to create income for you and your spouse.

Traditionally, retirees have been told they will need 70% of their pre-retirement income in retirement. Studies show 70% is an average not a goal. There are so many variables in what is needed or desired in retirement that few are actually

What you do need to know is how you will spend your retirement years and the resources you will have. While many will have an IRA or 401(k), and maybe a traditional pension, some will have other sources like home equity or collectables.

And you have to plan for declining health. Costs for healthcare absord a significant part of income the older you get. Your savings have to last to pay for those costs.

Prudent planning will show that while more of your resources may be directed to income investments, living longer and healthcare costs mandate that growth is still required.

We can help you determine how much you have available and an effective way to spend down what you have. And we can help you plan for those known, and unknown, expenses.